Notifications of residence of foreigners for business system

Facts & Questions

Why change to use the new system?

Answer - Because it is the policy of the Immigration Bureau.

Do users of the old system have to register to use the new system?

Answer - Users of the old system must register to use the new system.

What to do in case you do not receive a Verify Email after registering?

Answer - 1. Check the email in Folder Junk.
                2. Add into your contact list.
                3. Contact the Immigration officer via E-mail: to receive Verify Email again. 

What to do in the case that there is no address information to notify the foreigner's accommodation?

Answer - Add address information to the system first. You can add information in the Profile menu. (You can watch a video guide how to add information.)

What are the steps for adding residence information?

Answer - The steps for adding accommodation information are as follows: 

                 1. Go to the Profile menu. 

                 2. In the address information section that accepts foreigners to stay, click the Add/Add button.

                 3. Fill in the details.

                 4. Save. 

How to do in case, inform incorrect check-out date information?

Answer - The user can resubmit the correct information again, the immigration officer will consider the latest items.

How to proceed when importing the Excel file is unsuccessful because received the error message "Data Duplicate"?

Answer - Kindly review excel file to edit the data is duplicated and proceed to re-submit the data.

Unable to search the notification of residence after 7 days of the check-in date.

Answer - According to the policy of Immigration Bureau, the limitation of search cannot be over 7 days of the check-in date, hence, the users will not be able to search any records passed the limited date.

Encounter an error message "ข้อมูลไม่เพียงพอ / No data Insufficient data" while filling foreign information and unable to save the data.

Answer - This indicates that the mandatory information has not been filled, hence, the user is recommended to review and complete all the fields before proceeding to submit again.

Unable to inform a foreigner residence because there is no address information to choose from. Encounter a message "กรุณาทำการเพิ่ม "ที่อยู่ที่รับคนต่างด้าวเข้าพัก" ที่หน้า Profle/Please add "The address to receive foreigners to stay" at Profile Page".

Answer - In case there is no information in the "ที่พักอาศัย/Addrdss" section, this could caused by either the user has not added any addresses to the profile, or Application version 2023.10.00 update since there are additional required fields including host information and reference documents after the update. Users can click the link or go to the profile and edit the existing addresses and complete all the required fields.